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Status: OPEN
Submitted on: Dec 10, 2014 at 01:25 AM
Race and Class
Blood Elf Death Knight
Battle Tag


- About you -







Tell us abit more about you.

Hello, my name is George tzeretas and i'm from Greece. I'm working on a net cafe,here on Greece samos island you don't have to many thinks like hobbies and more stuff to do. I know how to speak english, but the problem is i don't speak so much on ts3/vent because ashamed, but when need to talk i will speak .

- Character -



Talent choices

I'm using this talents because. More survivable more dps because i'm getting some runes back.

Glyph choices

Look i'm using this glyphs for more runic power and range for blood boil, but on every boss i'm changing them if the fight is different, like aoe or more survivable.

Stats optimisation (how do you optimise your character and why?)

My Prio stats is; Str,Mastery,Multi,Crit,Haste,versa.
I'm using Ask mr.robot for optimise my gear and more because u can see what do you miss more.

Do you have offspec that you can raid with?


- You and raiding -

Guild history

On mop i remember only my last guild name ethic.

Previous raiding experience

WOltk: Naxx 10/25 Clear. Ulduar: some bosses HM only. Togc 10 clear 25man 4/5. Icc 25man 11/12hc.
Cataclysm: Dragon Soul Hc 1 boss.
Mop: SoO: 25man hc/mythic Clear
WOD: Highmaul normal 6/7, Heroic 1/7

Have you ever raided with another character

Yes, with my paladin on Woltk icc 25hc and with my ww monk on SoO 25 mythic

WoL link/Epeen bot (


- In game -

UI Screenshot (pref during a raid encounter)
List of keybinds(If you can't see them in the screenshot)


Do you use macros? If yes, give us an example




Do you have a good keybind for healthstone and personal def cds


-Hardware, internet connection and raid availability -

Is your internet and pc stable enough to raid

Yes and link the result
We raid every Thursday, Sunday and Monday from 19:00 to 23:00. We rarely extend. Invites start at 18:45. How does this schedule work for you?

Yes but sundays will'm five minutes later due to job

- Optional Questions -

Where did you hear about our guild?

WOW Progress

Do you know anyone in the guild?


Why should we accept you? (try to sell yourself)

Every Time, i will be ready for raids like read tacts flask food pots.
I'm trying like 1 month to find a good guild like Mental insanity i mean raiding days and need dps dk for sure. I made like 5 applys on other guild but decline because full of dk's. About transfer and race change if u accept me i will be on Kazzak on 5 days for sure.



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