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Status: OPEN
Submitted on: Dec 08, 2014 at 04:31 PM
Race and Class
Undead Priest
Battle Tag


- About you -







Tell us abit more about you.

Hi. I'm a 22 year old male nerd. Love playing games and watch movies/tv-shows. Only finished high school and havent started anything else yet, but il probably start next year. Atm im just lazy, having a good time. After high school I served a year in the Norwegian army, and this year ive been travelling the world for 4 months.

- Character -



Talent choices

Angelic bulwark - for survivability
Angelic feather - for movement
Insanity - Best dps choice atm
Void tendrils
ToF - Best choice even on single boss fight without mobs
CoP - Highest dps choice until AS get buffed or I get alot better gear/crit. Still decent on council fights or similar.

Glyph choices

Glyph of Reflective Shield - makes me use defensive shield alot more because it does a fair amount of dps aswell.
Glyph of dispersion - shorter CD on dispersion
Glyph of mind flay - because i like the movement buff after mind flay

Stat prio (what do you gem, reforge enchant and why)

Atm there is no stat on CoP dot-weaving that are alot better than the other.

But i try to go after Multistrike=haste>crit>mastery>versitility

CoP =

Int = 1.0000
Spell Power = 0.8820
Crit = 0.5522
Haste = 0.5796
Mastery = 0.5210
Multistrike = 0.5749
Versatility = 0.4863
DPS (Pure Damage) = 0.1572

I've heard from top shadowpriests(hesp from Midwinter) that the stat you choose to stack or whatever doesnt matter too much atm, just depends on what you like/your playstyle.

I must say i havent played CoP in more than 2 days duo to likeing old rotation alot better, so i tried playing AS with mindbender from the start of WoD, but CoP is just so much better at this point until I get alot more crit. Atleast on singletarget.

Do you have offspec that you can raid with?

Yes, I have holy os.

- You and raiding -

Guild history

I've mostly been in my own created guild called Indigenous. We disbanded after me and my buddy went to the army in dragon soul. After that we tried remaking it 2 times in MoP without success. Other than that I've been in 3 more casual Norwegian guild, but I didnt like slow progress.

Previous raiding experience

Started to play wow in the start of ICC, only killed lich king normal.
Was at that moment a warrior tank or resto shaman.

BwD = 4/6 HC
BoT = 1/4 HC
To4w = 2/2 N

Firelands = 7/7 HC

Dragon soul = 4/8 HC (left to the army after a few weeks)

Tried remaking my last guild that me and 2 other buddies started, but disbanded in ToT. Only played casual until late SoO

Msv = 6/6 HC
HoF = 2/6 HC
Toes = 4/4 N

ToT = 1/13 HC

SoO 14/14 HC (sadly my guild desided to go 10 man to push Garrosh and didnt want a Shadow priest (rip), and got him before 6.0 without me.

Have you ever raided with another character

Was a Resto druid and Feral tank in Cata.

Warrior tank / dps in Wotlk

Played my priest in MoP - Both disc and shadow

I have 9 other alts I've played PvP or casual PvE on. Played all classes/specs except ret/holy pala and monk.

WoL link/Epeen bot ( I know it's not much, but my guild have their logs locket or something. I can get some better logs if needed.

- In game -

UI Screenshot (pref during a raidencounter)
List of keybinds(If you can't see them in the screenshot)

Got most spells binded, you should be able to see all on screenshot.

Do you use macros? If yes, give us an example

I dont have any macros on my priest except max range camera.


Big Wigs, just because it gets faster updates.
Halo Pro, for proper halo range(more dmg).
Skada, to look at dps ect.
Tidyplates, for easy track of my dots.
Also got some other addons to make it easier in the action house, garrison and mailbox

Do you have a good keybind for healthstone and personal def cds


-Hardware, internet connection and raid availability -

Is your internet and pc stable enough to raid

Yes. and link the result
We raid every Thursday, Sunday and Monday from 19:00 to 23:00. We rarely extend. Invites start at 18:45. How does this schedule work for you?

Works fine with me. I can play most days :)

- Optional Questions -

Where did you hear about our guild?

Saw you on wowprogress when browsing.

Do you know anyone in the guild?


Why should we accept you? (try to sell yourself)

I always strave to be the best, not only dps wise, but helping out the raid. Im not a dps whore, i always shield, flash heal, prayer of mending if i see its needed on people if the healers are low on mana and i can see they need help. I also help people get faster to position with feather where i can see its needed.
I always analyse my dps and see what i could have done better on the wipe, and try using different talent/glyphs to see its i dps increase in the current boss. Look on forums like mmo-champion and talk to top shadow priest for tips on different bosses ect. I never rage or get mad easily.

At the end of the day I would like a home with people with the same goals as me; to kill as many bosses as fast as I can, while having a good time. I can help you with that and I hope you can do the same <3


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Application is under evaluation. Might be a few days before we can give you an answer though. Thanks for the patience.

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