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Xerõ - Feral Druid

Status: OPEN
Submitted on: Dec 07, 2014 at 08:28 PM
Race and Class
Troll Druid
Battle Tag


- About you -


Peter Maz





Tell us abit more about you.

White boy who's lived in Dubai his entire life, 24 years old! Plays too much World of Warcraft, work in advertising, I do horrendous things when I'm drunk.

I'm a pretty chilled out guy, try not to take life too seriously! It's all a bit of a laugh really.

I have this potent fear that people will find out I'm actually quite hobbyless, dodge sport like the fucking plague, WoW, work and socialising is really about it!


I've only quite recently decided to abandon my previous main, my priest, to focus myself entirely on my Feral, who quite frankly I feel much more comfortable playing, when a spec clicks, it just does. Wish I'd switched much earlier.

In order to give a better scope of my raid experience, I ask you to kindly review my priest.

I had to take a break from raiding over MoP simply because I could not find the time to play seriously at that current point. However, I am more that able to commit myself entirely as of now and do not believe in any way that missing MoP PvE content has stunted me as a player.

- Character -



Talent choices

I'm currently rolling with Wild Charge as I like the gap closer it provides, also allows me to easily switch in between targets when appropriate.

I'm also running Ysera's Gift for the passive contribution to the raids throughput, surprisingly effective, will switch out for cenarion ward in encounters where the tank will take heavy, hard to heal damage.

Typhoon, the push can prove effective on trash that cannot be stunned when my kick is on cd, just an extra interrupt really!

Incarnation: King of the Jungle simply because it is currently the highest performing talent in this tier, especially when coupled with my 'lucky double-sided coin', the outcome can be really insane, the highest I've seen it push my DPS is 62k. I actually really don't enjoy this talent tbh, I would gladly take another would it not have a such a significant impact on my dps.

Mighty bash, the stun has situational use.

Dream of Cenarius, has fantastic raid utility, allows me to macro my healing touch to the tank and still benefit from the heal. Will occasionally swap out for heart of the wild, should the encounter require so.

Blood Talons, <3 the bread and butter to my spec, I have an extensive comprehension on how to utilise this talent effectively, pooling energy seamlessly to ensure a proc is never wasted. This talent adds so many layers of complexity to the spec and is one of the main reasons I enjoy it most.

Glyph choices

Feral glyphs are pretty shoddy tbf, I switch between Glyph of ninth life and Glyph of cat form depending on the healer setup I am running with. In a raid scenario I usually play with Glyph of ferocious bite for the slight heal it offers, glyph of Savage Roar feels quite mandatory when running with Incarnation, making it the obvious final glyph choice.

Stat prio (what do you gem, reforge enchant and why)


I rarely if ever switch to lunar inspiration spec, the only time when I would perhaps prioritise Haste over mastery.

I run this spec for the high singl target DPS.

Crit is obviously our primary stat, offering us additional CP's. Multistrike seems to provide the second largest DPS increase in the current state of the game. I like to think I give versatility and mastery equal importance, and I do try and balance the 2, but frankly if it comes down to it, I'm gonna take Versatility. Our bleeds are no way near as strong as the used to be and a flat out dps increase across the board is quite attractive.

Do you have offspec that you can raid with?

I CAN play boomkin, but I'd really prefer not to.

- You and raiding -

Guild history

- Insert 1000 PvP guilds
- Semper Fi - Was an officer in this guild, maining DPriest while raid leading 5 days a week. Left because of work! I used to record a lot of raid videos here, only to look back on them now and realise I didnt have a fucking clue what I was doing haha.
- Broken Saints - Was also an officer in the guild, left this guild to join a PvP server and get some ratings
- There were many, many others - names I honestly cannot remember.

Previous raiding experience

I've been playing WoW since late TBC but only really got hooked on raiding in Wrath. As the progression curve goes, by Cata I was raid leading heroic content and firmly engrossed in my officers position at my previous guild.

in TBC I only really dabbled in what I could get myself into, however by Wrath I was fully engrossed in all heroic raiding content, a theme that followed through to Cataclysm.

Should you require further information, please feel free to look at the armory links I have listed.

Have you ever raided with another character

Most definitely yes, my priest.

That was where I did the majority of my raiding with over 200 days played, I really how this might suggest that I'm a much better priest, but Feral really is the spec for me. I understand it on a level unlike any of my other mains, and trust me, there are many!

WoL link/Epeen bot (

Last recorded log would be too long ago to recall. My current DPS rests between 20-30k dps, depending on uptime. While my Burst DPS can sit between 40-60k dps, depending on how lucky I get with crits.

- In game -

UI Screenshot (pref during a raidencounter)

I do not have any in a raid encounter as of now, I hope this will suffice. I keep my UI very clean and organised.

List of keybinds(If you can't see them in the screenshot)

I have macro'd most of my basic attacks to my mouse binds (so as to not inhibit movement), keeping defensive and offensive cooldowns on my keyboard.

Do you use macros? If yes, give us an example

I try to keep my macros to a minimum, I like to keep full control of the spells I use so I can use them most effectively.

I do however have my heals macro'd on either my tank or myself.

Other basic macros like Mark of the Wild, !Cat form

Focus Kick, etc.


- Xperl, because 3d portraits bro.
- Healbot continued, although I have most of my heals macro'd in, I find it to be a really tidy raid frame addon that allows me to click and apply clutch heals, freeing up binds to do other things.
- Quartz, highly customisable
- Weakauras, to monitor my procs more carefully
- Bartender, just so I can keep things tidy
- SexyMap, cause sexy feral gatz to be sexy
- Recount, for them /flex moments haha

Do you have a good keybind for healthstone and personal def cds

'z'? hahaha my defensives are on my numbered binds for ease of access.

-Hardware, internet connection and raid availability -

Is your internet and pc stable enough to raid

Am yet to encounter any issues. and link the result
We raid every Thursday, Sunday and Monday from 19:00 to 23:00. We rarely extend. Invites start at 18:45. How does this schedule work for you?

Ideally actually, couldn't be better!

- Optional Questions -

Where did you hear about our guild?

Through WoWProgress

Do you know anyone in the guild?

Unfortunately not, however I hope I will soon.

Why should we accept you? (try to sell yourself)

I really am an incredibly determined person, a quality that has carried me throughout most of my life.

I never give up on anything and try to maintain a healthy outlook on life throughout all of my endeavors.

I don't get frustrated at wipes, I see the situation at hand objectively and improve accordingly, offering help wherever I can.

There's a reason I've been promoted to an officer position within virtually every guild I've joined over the last 7 or so years, and that's because I have a genuine interest in progression and guild development.

If you're looking for a raider who is dependable, consistent and a great team player, then I really do believe I have what you're after. I'm certain I'll prove myself an asset to Mental Insanity and will strive to become one of your most reliable raiders.

I hope I've given you a decent insight into what I'm about, and hopefully we'll be raiding together soon! Cheers.




Apologies, please find my UI above
Nice application. We're looking over this now but it'll take a few more days to get back to you. Thanks for your patience.
No problem! Take your time

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