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<Mental Insanity>

What are we looking for?

- Stable raiders, we want to keep you here for a long time, not just one tier
- Good class knowledge, preferably of more than just one class
- Can take constructive criticism
-You are punctual and respect your fellow raiders
- You can be benched without !@#$%ing about it and you don’t cry over loot
- You understand English and can communicate with it
- You are mature enough to talk about problems and not acting out of line
- You should have proper attendance.

What classes/specs are we looking for right now?

Tanks (with a dps spec played perfectly):

Druid (Medium)
Death Knight (Medium)
Monk (Medium)
Warrior (Medium)


Warlock (Very high)
Mage (Very high)
Hunter (Very high)
Monk (Medium)
Priest (High)
Rogue (High)
Elemental Shaman (High)
Enhancement Shaman (Medium)
Death Knight (Medium)


Druid (Very high)
Monk (Very high)
Priest (Medium)

(Exceptional applications of any role and class will always be considered)

Who are we?

The core is from an old guild from Daggerspine-EU called Furious Few, claiming a few realmfirsts and clearing most of the content. A group of dedicated players finished up Herald of the Titans, TOGC and some other leftovers.

Back in MoP we were clearing Garrosh HC on 2x 10-man groups for several months until we switched to 25/20-man during the last two months and did one night clears on mains and then clearing it again in one night on the alts the next raid.

The full history can be found here

What can we offer you?

-Relaxed guild environment
-Fair Loot distribution
-Fair treatment of raidspots
-Clearing content in time
-Officers and raiders with many years of experience

Raiding schedule:

3 days , Thursday-Sunday-Monday

You’re very free to contact any officer for information or any other questions you might have,

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