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About us:

Mental Insanity is a semi-hardcore guild on Kazzak. We raid 3 days of the week – Thursday, Sunday and Monday from 19 to 23 server time.

To apply sign up to the website ->

We are a friendly guild and most of us have been raiding together since early wotlk. The MoP part of the history is in a separate thread as it’s the current expansion. Here is a brief raiding history of our guild pre MoP.

Wrath of the lich king:

Back then we were in a guild called Furious Few on Daggerspine. During wotlk we cleared 10 and 25 man tier 7 content from naxxramas to sartharion with 3 drakes alive. In tier 8 we cleared everything including Yoggsaron with 0 keepers. In tier 9 we proved to the spectators of the argent tournament that we have “Mad skill” at 25 man raids. In tier 10 In both 20 and 25 man content we cleared everything on heroic including The Lich King -> , king 25 hc In 2 parts).

The immortal:

Frost Drakes:

Herald of the titans:



Halion HC realm first


Back in Cata we were still a 25 man guild. In Blackwing decent we cleared everything including a realm first for Nefarian on heroic - > . In BoT once again everything was cleared on heroic including Sinestra. During Firelands the guild started to slowly fall apart due to a lot of people quitting the game. That’s when some of us decided it’s time to move from that server and transfer to Kazzak.

Nefarian HC realm first

And then we moved to Kazzak:

On Kazzak we made a guild called Norrlands Guld with some friends and pugs. With that we cleared Dragon soul – all on heroic once again - > (Madness of deathwing 10 hc). Sometime during dragon soul we decided to buy another guild that is already at max level – Mental Insanity.


Raiding as Mental Insanity in MoP: ->
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